Shanelle For Congress- Exploratory Committee

MLK said, “A Genuine Leader is not a searcher for consensus but a Molder of Consensus.”

Friends, as a former State Representative and leader in Michigan’s State House-
I’m Exploring a run for Congress in the newly drawn 12th District because the people of Detroit, Southfield, Redford, Livonia, and every other community within the district- need a Fearless-Consensus Builder to represent them in Congress, not a contentious divider.

The communities within the new 12th District are ethnically, culturally, spiritually, and economically diverse. Like cities across America, many are still battling the dual pandemics of Covid-19 and Systemic Racism. We’ll need every resource that we can secure from Congress to effectively defeat these giants. That’s why it’s paramount that we send a leader to Congress capable of BUILDING BRIDGES over troubled water- NOT TEARING THEM DOWN with hateful and insidious rhetoric. We simply can’t afford it.

Friends- our Kids, Schools, Senior Citizens, Hospitals, Police Officers, First Responders and countless other individuals and institutions around the WORLD- are counting on us to elect an effective Congresswoman that can Mold Consensus! A “Genuine Leader,” as described by Dr. King; one who will stand with America’s greatest allies. A Congresswoman capable of bringing people of good will together for benefit of the 12th District, the State of Michigan, our Nation, and the World.

I’ve been recognized by elected officials, nonprofit organizations, and business leaders around the country for my ability to bring opposing sides together and get things done. I lead by listening first and I always walk in kindness & love. I’m proud to be Pro Labor, Pro Israel, Pro Choice, Pro Public Schools, Pro Business, Pro Environment, Pro Income Equality and Pro Civil Rights. Learn more about me here:

I am fired up and ready to go, but I won’t run without you! Rashida Tlaib has already declared her candidacy and raised $1.4M. She’ll fight with everything she’s got to stay in Congress and keep creating divisions that set us all back. Many politicians are intimidated by her. SHE DOSENT SCARE ME!

I have FAITH that if we build a strong collation of hardworking- good people, from across the 12th district, and around the Nation- WE CAN WIN!! Stand with me! PLEDGE YOUR CONTRIBUTION RIGHT NOW to send a fearless and effective Consensus Builder to Congress.
Together, WE CAN DO THIS!

Thanks so much!

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