Article From Michigan Chronicle Online

On Friday, Feb. 23, Former State Representative Shanelle Jackson (D-Detroit) formally announced her candidacy for U.S. Congress in Michigan’s13th Congressional District.

“I’m running for Congress because nearly fifty-percent of workers in Wayne County can’t afford basic necessities for their children after a forty-hour work week. That number is even higher among working Detroiters. In Wayne County we’ve gone from putting America on wheels, to needing Meals on Wheels- just to survive in many instances,” said Jackson. “No matter your gender, age or race, these are sad and unprecedented times for working people across the county. I’ll fight hard to get the federal resources we need to fix this now.”

Jackson, who was joined by family, friends, neighbors, clergy and community leaders for the announcement, said that she is proud to have the opportunity to make her announcement at Stef-N-Ty Coffee Shop. Community businesses like Stef-N-Ty Coffee Shop are the heart and soul of Detroit and they represent the entrepreneurial spirit that anchors our neighborhoods. “Small businesses not only provide jobs but they are real-life superhero’s who make a positive impact on communities every day.”

“I’m born and raised in Northwest Detroit and Western Wayne County has always been my home,” Jackson said. “Our community is strong but we’re hurting. Now more than ever, we’ve got to have a voice in Congress that actually lives in the 13th district and knows our day-to-day struggles firsthand-because they’re living them too. The time for electing leaders based on family legacy, name-recognition or the ability to rouse a crowd is over,” said Jackson. “The 13th Congressional District deserves an experienced policymaker who’s savvy enough to navigate the Republican- led Congress and capable of securing the resources that we need to change lives here at home,” said Jackson. “As a State Rep. I created and passed strong laws that produced tangible results in Michigan. In the private sector I’ve led the charge at my company to invest millions into Detroit and Romulus- helping put hundreds of everyday people to work in good paying jobs.”

“We need a Congresswoman with the energy, courage and strategic skills to effectively fight the Trump agenda; a woman who will clearly and unabashedly speak truth to power. I’m equipped and I’m ready to serve,” said Jackson.