Former State Representative Shanelle Jackson is truly a daughter of Detroit. As a State Representative and proud Michigander her priorities have included:
• Helping to create jobs in Detroit and throughout S.E. Michigan
• Ensuring equitable funding for education
• Protecting the social safety net for citizens in need
• Keeping families in their homes by stopping unfair foreclosures
• Making Detroit a great place for businesses to grow and thrive

Representative Jackson has earned a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Michigan; master’s degree in social justice Marygrove College.

Skilled Policymaker
Representative Jackson served on the House Appropriations Committee throughout her tenure in the Michigan House of Representatives. Over the course of her service she chaired several House Appropriations Subcommittees.

Representative Jackson also sponsored fourteen bills that have been enacted into law since 2007 making her one of the most effective Democratic lawmakers currently serving.
(Partial list of Public Acts):
• (PA 72 of 2008) (PA 59 of 2008) Mandates that mortgage loan officers be licensed by the state so that their actions can be monitored to insure that consumers are protected.
• (PA 29 of 2009) Mandates that mortgage companies work to modify home loans before foreclosing. This gives homeowners new protections and keeps neighborhoods strong. This law was the first of its kind passed by any state legislature in the nation.
• (PA 63 of 2009) Mandates that ownership of Cobo Hall stays with the city of Detroit
• (PA 47 of 2010) Gives the department of education new revenue to help them implement President Obama’s education plan in Michigan.
• (PA 287 of 2011) Provides the City of Detroit with avenues to improve our neighborhoods and keep our residents safe.
• (PA 3 of 2012) Ensures that every citizen in Michigan has a fair opportunity to serve on a jury.

Representative Jackson served as Assistant Speaker Pro Tempore of the Michigan House of Representatives for four years. She is only the second African American woman to ever preside over the Michigan House of Representatives. Rep. Jackson has also served as the Executive Vice-Chair of the Michigan Legislative Black Caucus and Vice-Chair of the Detroit Delegation. Rep. Jackson is currently the ranking Detroiter in the House of Representatives. She was twenty-six when she was elected in 2006, making her the youngest woman of color ever elected to serve in either chamber of the Michigan legislature.

Community Service/ Involvement
Michigan Library Board of Trustees; Detroit Branch NAACP Executive Board Member; Urban League; Michigan Legislative Black Caucus; United Way Young Elected Officials Network ; United Way Champions Council Henry Ford High School Detroit; Women of Tomorrow Mentor & Scholarship Program; National Association of Securities Professionals; Black Alliance for Education Options; Northwestern District Community Association

Current Endeavors
Having served the maximum amount of time allowed under state law in the Michigan House of Representatives, in January of 2013, Representative Jackson started a new chapter in her career of public service. She now serves as the Director of Outreach and Strategic Relations for the newly formed Regional Transit Authority at the Michigan Department of Transportation.